Clan War Stats

-=The Clan War Schedule=-

This is where i will announce when the next clan war will be, agenst who it was, and if we won, lost, or tied

If you can’t be there, tell us in the comment box

-=First Clan War=-

Well since we lost so badly, there is no need to announce. I think we need a bit (A LOT) more training before we go into clan wars.



Battle Stats

1st battle : Lost

2nd battle : Lost

3rd battle : Lost

4th battle : Lost

5th battle : Lost

if you start a clan war without me plz tell me the stats in the comments.


2 Responses to “Clan War Stats”

  1. i think i might know about why we cant talk in clan because we maybe have to battle in clan wars before we can (just gussing)

  2. We aren’t doing very well. Toothpik and Cooki think we should train before we start a clan war. So, i think we should as well. So before we start a lot more clan wars, lets get to training!

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