The start of our clan website!

This is “The Polish Army” clan website. Our clan is brand new and has just been started. We haven’t fought any other clans yet, but we probably will soon. So enjoy the website as it is being updated!


~ by xreall on May 19, 2009.

8 Responses to “The start of our clan website!”

  1. hi popmoock here you are a good clan i love the website and i do hope we fight other clans and i do not get that we cant talk on clan

    • Thanks for Posting. Im going to add you as an author so you can post topics that i can look at, if you want to.

  2. Oh and also, you’ll have to sign up onto so that you can post topics like “The start of our clan website!”. I hope you can help!

  3. ok i will i am on site every day and our clan battle why you at freinds house??????

    i am out

    • Thanks, i couldn’t be on this weekend because my internet was laggy for websites.

    • I had plans that i didn’t know about, sorry, we will try to get a clan war soon, so don’t worry, we just need enough people online.

  4. it ok i cant beleave we lost 4 times and we are in 1st??????? we need pratice


  5. Popmoock soon im gonna have to leave for summer vacation, so im gonna put you in charge of the clan, and the clan website. Being the clan leader doesn’t give you too much abilities more abbilities than an admin does, so your basically gonna arrange everything, including the clan wars, and other things. I will also put Toothpik in charge along with you.

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